Fall 2020 Certification Course

Planned Giving & Trust Services
Certification Course

Aug 10 – Dec 3, 2020

Hosted by The Adventist Learning Community


  • Fall 2020 cohort will begin Aug 10, 2020
  • Registration opens Apr 1, 2020 and closes Jul 30, 2020
  • The registration fee is $500
  • Consists of 54 lessons and takes place over 16 weeks
  • Students go through the course in cohorts, beginning and ending the course together
  • Students are required to attend an in person three-day class in the final week, Dec 1 – 3, the live class location will be announced the first week of the class.
  • ​General Conference PGTS Director, Dennis Carlson, and Associate Director, Scot Coppock, administrate the course



  • Students will average about 3 to 4 lessons which will take about six to eight hours to complete each week
  • Twelve subject matter experts from across the NAD lead the lessons
  • Each lesson will use a variety of techniques to present the content to the student
    • Instructional Videos
    • Individual Reading
    • Links to Online Resources
    • Interactive Forms, Templates and Documents
  • Each lesson requires the student to achieve 100% mastery on an assessment before moving forward to the next lesson

Tests & Work Assignments

  • Throughout the course there are several tests and work assignments each student must complete by their due date
  • Students are able to take exams and complete assignments early but they may not fall behind
  • Hourly employees must be given time during the work day to complete their assignments
  • Students are allowed to go back over past material as often as they like
  • Throughout the course there are several opportunities to engage in telephone conference calls, online chat sessions, and group projects to facilitate group interaction among peers and administrators
  • After the online course is complete the cohort convenes over a three-day period for an in-depth review session, case studies and to take the final exam