Sophia Updates Her Will

Sophia lives in Arizona, where she and her husband lived a wonderful life together. Juan passed away a few years ago and thankfully they had paid off all their debts prior to that. They lived responsibly and now that Margaret is 77 she realizes she needs to get her affairs in order were anything to happen to her.

When they had their first child they set up a will, but she hasn’t read it in decades and realizes its out of date.

Her only child – Julia – lives across the country in Pennsylvania as a nurse. She doesn’t get to see her as much as she would like, but she is clear that she wants Julie in her will. She isn’t sure the conference still helps with wills or in her case needing to update it.

Sophia loves her church and the impact it had on her and her family throughout her life. She is looking to find a way to take care of her daughter as well as the church and its causes that she loves. She’s just not sure where to start and if updating a will is expensive, complicated or even possible.

There are many who find themselves in a similar situation as Sophia. You created a will many years ago but many changes have taken place and you need to know how to update it as easily as possible.

Planned Giving and Trust Services is happy to offer assistance to anyone in need of learning the ins and outs of updating your will, estate planning and more.

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