Carol Makes a Qualified Charitable Distribution

Carol is 80 years old. Her smile still lights up any room she walks into. She feels like she’s still in her 20s. She’s proud to feel like she will happily be one of those active participants in the Blue Zones living beyond 100 and enjoying life to the fullest.

She is as spunky as ever. She isn’t rich by any means, but you wouldn’t know it with how joyful and generous she has been all through life. She lives off her social security and some retirement that she saved up.

She wants to keep giving to her local church and local causes as much as she always has through life. But someone recently told her that she can’t get any tax benefits of giving because of the personal deduction details recently passed into law. It’s the unsurety of how to be wise with her funds that has her delayed in moving forward with her more generous plans.

Many lifelong members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church find themselves in situations like this where they aren’t sure on how to best move forward in the wisest way as it relates with financial matters. Planned Giving and Trust Services is here to help at no cost to you.

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