Jim and Donna Instill Values Through ADGF

Jim and Donna, are both in their early 70s, in a great retirement community with friends and family just down the street. They feel like it’s heaven on earth. They don’t have any debt, they are in good health, and they want to see their money impact some causes while they are still alive and well enough to see them enjoy them.

But rather than just make those decisions by themselves, Jim and Donna want to use this opportuinty as a lesson to teach the joy of giving to their kids and grandkids.

They want to call a family meeting to discuss what causes resonate with everyone, why, and how all can participate in making an impact with these organizations that they collectively decide upon.

The Adventist Donor Gift Fund (ADGF) seems to be a good fit because they can designate their kids and grandkids as joint advisors and have peace of mind that whatever they decide as a family can be carried on for years to come.

Planned Giving and Trust Services is here to help you determine the best way to position yourself to experience the joy of giving while making wise financial decisions to sustain the best years of your life.

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