Mariah Magnifies Giving Using the ADGF

Mariah is a 54-year-old executive who travels more than she would like. But she loves her work and finds it fulfilling. She has no debt, her house is paid for, her retirement is where she wants it, and she feels impressed to begin helping in a very tangible way the causes she believes will impact the world in the greatest way. She isn’t really interested in helping only one entity – instead, she would like to spread it around. That philosophy has helped her in life with her investments, and so she would like to continue that in her philanthropy and giving.

She wants to help her local church, the academy she attended, a local homeless shelter, a project she heard about overseas, and a few others she is considering.

She believes she can live just fine and still give 10% of her income as tithe but she really wants to give an additional 10% of her income to these causes beginning next year. Someone recently told her about the Adventist Donor Gift Fund (ADGF) and how it can be set up to make direct deposits and then begin making distributions sooner than later.

Planned Giving and Trust Services exists to serve faithful members who desire to keep their financial affairs in order while also making plans to be generous with what God has blessed them with.

This is why we have recently set up the Adventist Donor Gift Fund to help you do more than you can imagine with the funds under your stewardship.

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