User Stories

Below you will find stories of generous people like you who want to make a planned gift. Some are interested in giving now, using the assets God has blessed them with, while others want to give later through their estate. However you are interested in supporting the Lord’s work, click through the stories and be inspired on how you too can Experience the Joy of Giving!

Everyone Needs a Will

Bill and Jill are in their early 30’s. They have two children ages 1 and 4. They are trying to instill in them principles of faithful giving to their church.

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Updating a Will

Sophia lives in Arizona, where she and her husband lived a wonderful life together. Juan passed away a few years ago and thankfully they had paid off all their debts prior to that.

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Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)

Sherry and Gary are 67 and 70, respectively. They are considering retiring next year and feel they have saved enough for retirement, but they are worried about instability in their investments and want some security.

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Adventist Donor Gift Fund (ADGF)

Mariah is a 54-year-old executive who travels more than she would like. But she loves her work and finds it fulfilling.

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Teaching Generosity Using ADGF

Jim and Donna, are both in their early 70s, in a great retirement community with friends and family just down the street. They feel like it's heaven on earth.

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Gifts From an IRA

Carol is 80 years old. Her smile still lights up any room she walks into. She feels like she’s still in her 20s.

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