About the PGTS Lifetime Achievement Award

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists’

Planned Giving & Trust Services
Lifetime Achievement Award


The Lifetime Achievement Award is a crystal Pitcher with the specially designed Planned Giving & Trust Services Dynamic Logo engraved on the front and the inscription “For a lifetime of exemplary service.”

The Pitcher symbolizes a willingness to be a vessel for God. To receive without intending to retain, but rather to pour out a blessing for the benefit of others.  

Engraved in the logo’s center is the cross, representing Jesus, the ultimate gift from God. The author of our eternal salvation. Below the cross is an open hand, ready to receive while equally ready to give, symbolizing God’s desire to use every child of His to be a conduit for bestowing blessings upon others.

Arching over the cross and the hand is a semi-circle, thick on one end and tapering off on the other, representing a life-long journey of giving that grows stronger over time, just as our faith grows the more we give ourselves to God.

The meaning of the inscription “For a lifetime of exemplary service” is encapsulated in the criteria used for selecting the recipient. To be considered for the Lifetime Achievement award a person:

  1. Must be retired from active work in Planned Giving & Trust Services
  2. Have exemplified enduring ethical behavior at the highest level
  3. Worked a significant number of years (at least 10) in this ministry
  4. Have held a leadership position by serving on various committees for the North American Division or General Conference
  5. Exerted a widespread and ongoing influence in PGTS
  6. Contributed significantly to the advancement of this ministry in the eyes of the membership and the leadership.
  7. Exhibited continued dedication to the mission of PGTS
  8. Active Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing
  9. Ongoing mentor to current active PGTS personnel
  10. The impact of past years of service must still be felt and appreciated in PGTS today